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The Damage Control team is highly skilled and readily equipped to identify, evaluate, and design remedial solutions for clients to manage and eleminate mold from residential and commercial buildings.

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Water damage and what to do:

1. Immediately call us 24/7:

(406) 274-4168

2. Think Safety! Identify any potential hazards. Remember, wet surfaces can be difficult to walk on. Move slowly and tell family members to be careful. If electrical hazards exist vacate the area to avoid electrocution.

3. Find the source of the water intrusion and stop it, if possible. Always know where your water main shutoff is located.

4. Try to remove any sensitive, personal, or valuable items from wet areas.

Avoid Frozen Pipes

There are many things that we need to do properly winterize and safe guard against damage that comes from sub freezing temperatures.

- Remove garden hoses from spigots or hose bibs. Even frost free bibs will freeze and break if the hose is not disconnected.

- Drain any sprinkler systems installed in your yard. A freeze break in your sprinkler line can lead to costly repairs from damage caused by water intrusion.

- Leave the heat on in your building. Open kitchen/bathroom cupboards (to allow heat in) if you are planning to travel and be away during the colder weather.

- Keep up with falling leaves. Do not allow them to collect in rain gutters plugging down spouts as this causes them to not drain properly, freeze, and break. Also, make sure down spouts are draining 7 to 10 feet away from your foundation.
At Damage Control we are truly 'drying science' geeks - here are a few of our favorite tools:

Thermal Imaging - Shows the 'unseen' wet areas and allows for 100% accurate drying.

Dehumidifiers - An industry standard, draws and removes moisture from the atmosphere.

Air Movers - Air circulation is key in drying any structure. Combined with our Vortex Drying training, we have the knowledge to efficiently dry your structure.

FlashXtractor - Successfully removes 97% of the water from carpet and padding… how's that for efficient?

eTES Directed Heat Drying - Heat draws moisture out of any porous material, allowing for the fasting drying time.

Injectidry Systems - Cabinets, walls, wood flooring… no problem! With Injectidry we can dry these areas in place, without costly demolition!
Damage Control offers state of the art drying technology and experienced technicians to take care of your toughest water damage.

Combine that technology and experience with a comprehensive understanding of the science of drying - Damage Control stands out from the competition.

We will speed up the drying process, minimize the costs of repairs and replacement, and ensure customer satisfaction.