Here's just a few testimonials from our customers. Checkout our Facebook and see what other people are saying about our professional services.

"I was very pleased at how professional the Damage Control Team evaluated our mold situation. We had a small leak within a sharing wall and found mold in a closet and didn't know what to do. We let our property managers know and within that afternoon we had Damage Control knocking on our door. Throughout the entire process we loved working with DC, they really took care of us and definitely kept us in the loop. When we have another problem we know who to call, Damage Control." - Laura Goslin

"These guys rock. They are some of most friendliest professionals to have taking care of your mold/water damage. When you hire people to be inside your home, these are the type of folks you want. Family owned business, solid ethics, and plenty of knowledge to go around. After our mold situation was taken care of I knew a lot more about mold damage than I ever thought before!" - Joel Isaacs 

"My buddy's house had a mold problem and he won't stop talking about Damage Control. He was so thrilled with their service I figured I'd send you guys a 3rd party testimonial. I visited his home throughout the process and it was obvious everything was being addressed professionally. Some of the new technology for moisture detection is incredible! You could tell the goal was to first eradicate the mold, protect surfaces from future problems, and dry out everything! Keep up the good work!" - Phil Van Tassel

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