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Our Mold Remediation Process

1. Correct or Repair the source of water enabling mold growth.

2. Conduct a preliminary assessment - What is contaminated, how far has it spread, and identify what type of contaminant?

3. Design the remediation strategy best suited to the site.

4. Set up containment area to avoid cross contamination.

5. Suit up in protective equipment and enter containment area.

6. Perform the remediation - Hepa vacuum to remove contaminants. Use proper EPA registered chemicals to remove mold on a cellular level and apply mold protective coating. Hepa Vacuum again.

7. Containment exit protocol - Dispose of sealed contaminated debris. Hepa Vacuum and wipe all equipment and tools used in remediation, and Hepa vac and wipe all things that will exit the contained area.

8. Post remediation evaluation - Perform post inspection prior to conducting clearance testing by a Certified Industrial Hygienist. Break down containment. 

9. Document the entire process and report.

Damage Control's mold remediation process is state-of-the-art and non-toxic. We stand behind our process and offer a Limited 5 Year Warranty against mold re-growth. Guaranteed.
Thermal Imaging - Shows the 'unseen' wet areas and allows for 100% accurate drying.

Dehumidifiers - An industry standard, draws and removes moisture from the atmosphere.

Air Movers - Air circulation is key in drying any structure. Combined with our Vortex Drying training, we have the knowledge to efficiently dry your structure.

- Successfully removes 97% of the water from carpet and padding… how's that for efficient?

eTES Directed Heat Drying - Heat draws moisture out of any porous material, allowing for the fasting drying time.

Injectidry Systems - Cabinets, walls, wood flooring… no problem! With Injectidry we can dry these areas in place, without costly demolition!
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The Damage Control team is highly skilled and readily equipped to identify, evaluate, and design remedial solutions for clients to manage and eleminate mold and water intrusion from residential and commercial buildings.

Damage Control was founded on a commitiment to serve.
Damage Control offers state of the art drying technology and experienced technicians to take care of your toughest water damage.

Combine that technology and experience with a comprehensive understanding of the science of drying - Damage Control stands out from the competition.

We will speed up the drying process, minimize the costs of repairs and replacement, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

At Damage Control we are truly 'drying science' geeks - here are a few of our favorite tools:
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